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Alchip Technologies, Inc.

Alchip Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is a leading provider of silicon design and manufacturing services for companies developing complex and high-volume system-on-chip (SoC) designs. Founded in 2002 by semiconductor veterans from Silicon Valley and Japan, Alchip provides services intended to enable customers to cost-effectively address the increasing technological complexity of silicon design and the need to reduce time to market.

Alchip targets customers that focus on rapidly growing and high-volume end markets, such as entertainment devices, mobile phones, HDTV, communications equipment, computers and other electronic products. Alchip has a proven track record of delivering 100% first time silicon success which is based on its unique SoC design flows and solutions. Alchip is committed to exceeding its customers’ expectations in terms of product quality, reliable and predictable service, fast time-to-volume, and to be customers' trusted silicon partner. 

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Baysand is the leader in Application Configurable ASICs targeting short time to market and cost effective ASIC solutions.  With its unique and patented Metal Configurable Standard Cell (MCSC) technology and Field Configurable DSP architecture (fcDSP), the company provides ASIC designers with world class solutions featuring:
  • Low NRE
  • Short time to market
  • Lowest Power
  • Low unit cost
  • Best performance
  • Programmability and flexibility
Baysand is fabless, privately held and based in the Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA.
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ChipMotion Microelectronics Limited

Founded in March 2010, ChipMotion Microelectronics Limited is an IC design service company specialized on IC design methodology, technical and supply chain. ChipMotion focus on 28nm and above technology nodes, supplying customers from specification to GDSII design service, IP design, IP license, and whole supply chain.
ChipMotion has a group of specialist engineers with 10+ years working experience. They are experts on SOC architecture, CPU/DSP core application, low power design, analog circuit design, backend design, as well as the manufacturing, packaging and testing. Through active interaction with customers from the very beginning of a project towards the end. ChipMotion offers customers an integrated solution, participated profoundly in the product definition, market competiveness analysis, technology selection, foundry selection and IP authorization. Besides, ChipMotion also provides accurate analysis data and comprehensive strategy report, in order to ensure the success of each significant stage.
Even though ChipMotion is a start-up company, all of ChipMotion founders are senior industry experts who are masters of China semiconductor industry and own extensive social connections. ChipMotionis ready to corporate with all IC friends for the bright future, and contribute to the prosperity of China’s IC industry.

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CircuitSutra is an Electronics System Level (ESL) design IP and services company which specializes in SystemC modeling of Electronics Systems and Semiconductor SoC. Its core competencies include Virtual Prottype development, High Level Synthesis, Architectural exploration and Embedded software development using Virtual Prototypes. CircuitSutra has a worldwide customer base which range from leading Systems companies & Semiconductor companies to the Fabless companies. Headquartered in Noida (India), CircuitSutra has development centers in Noida and Bangalore. CircuitSutra’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of ESL methodologies in the Industry. We develop standards based SystemC models that can integrate with any ESL tools. We have expertise in various standards being formulated in SoC modeling domain. SystemC IEEE 1666, OSCI TLM2.0, OSCI CCI, SystemC-AMS, STARC TLM Guidelines, OCP-IP TLM Kit, SystemC Synthesizable Subset, IP-XACT, UVM.

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CMSC, Inc., headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, was founded in 2001 by Cadence Design Systems, Inc. to offer IC implementation services.  A local foundry and a leading venture capital were invited to reshuffle the company in the 4th quarter of 2003 in order to provide more customer-oriented services.

With recognized track records, we have been providing technical and logistic support to empower customers' interests and success. We are specialized in advanced physical design/optimization and SOC integration, analog front-end and back-end design service, mass production management and chip engineering, and SiP(System in Package) Design
The company is well armed with legal EDA tools and security awareness systems to protect customers' and partners' IPs.
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EE Solutions

Founded in 1999, EE Solutions (EES) is a leading provider of ASIC and System-on-Chip (SoC) design solutions. EES delivers both design and turnkey services to IC design houses and systems companies worldwide. The company has been recognized for its engineering background, experience in overseas delivery, and its precision in meeting the design requirements. Using its advanced design techniques, EES has a proven record of providing customers with the most optimal solutions to achieve their business objectives. EES also offers effective design methodologies and a wide range of advanced intellectual property (IP) and professional personnel to help customers step into the ultra-deep-submicron design field. EE Solutions is headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, with a design center in Taipei, Taiwan. It also has representatives in Korea. EES China Corp. is established with headquarters in Shanghai, and a branch office in ShenZhen.

Starting from the RTL design, through P&R implementation, to the final packaged and tested IC products, the company provides wide-range, flexible and multiple levels of service models (e.g., System Spec to ASIC production, RTL/Netlist to GDS, GDS to Wafer or Packaged IC). EE Solutions also allies with many design partners with a common goal to assist IC or Systems companies to accelerate their design completion. HDMI Tx/Rx, Ethernet 10/100M MAC/PHY, PCI Express PHY/Controller, USB 2.0 high-speed OTG, SerDes, etc. are some example IPs EE Solutions working with IP Partners in mainstream process technology such as 90nm or even 65nm. Since established, EE Solutions has produced millions IC products for world-wide leading IC or System companies. The company is also reputable for its reliable and outstanding services.

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Faraday Technology Corporation

Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading fabless ASIC vendor as well as a silicon intellectual property (SIP) provider. Faraday has over 3,000 successful designs, along with nearly 100 million ASIC chips shipped annually worldwide. Faraday provides experienced layout and backend service work with Andes to create AndesCore™ CPU hardcore of UMC process .With Andes CPU hardcore, Faraday can provide ASIC service for AndesCore™ embedded projects for world wide customers.

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Global Unichip Corp

GLOBAL UNICHIP CORP. (GUC), the Flexible ASIC LeaderTM, is based in Taiwan and provides a comprehensive suite of The Flexible ASIC ServicesTM that meet the unique business and technology requirements of today's innovative technology company.

GUC provides an unmatched combination of advanced technology, low power and embedded CPU design capabilities and production knowhow through close partnership with TSMC and major packaging and testing companies that are ideal for advanced communications, computing and consumer electronics ASIC applications. The company has the proven ability to maximize the power/ performance sweet spot while delivering the fastest possible time-to-market. GUC's uncompromising performance provides the absolute best power, speed, quality, yield and on-time delivery. Our goal is to innovate and deliver world class Flexible ASIC Services that elevate IC visionaries to the next level of leadership in their markets.

Based in Hsin-chu, Taiwan GUC has developed a global reputation with a presence in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America.GUC is the partner of Andes to ensure first silicon success.

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Graphene Semiconductors

Graphene has set itself to be the premier solution provider to address product development needs of Semiconductor & System companies by focusing on IP enablement, Outsourced product development & Talent development. As part of IP enablement offering they are focused on IP - Development, Customization, and Enhancements for wider applicability and longer term usage, Test Chips Development, Library development, Methodology development and support for design teams. As part of Outsourced product development offering, they have built capabilities in undertaking all aspects of semiconductor design starting from functional logic design, verification, physical design, DFT, post-silicon validation and further to system design and embedded software development. Through its strategy, Graphene has built a strong teams capable of undertaking complex & turnkey Silicon development and System solutions.

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Key ASIC Inc.

KeyASIC is a fabless provider of high-performance, low-power ASIC design and manufacturing services for consumer, wireless and personal electronics applications. The team has strong design expertise in advance process technologies such as 45nm and 65nm in addition to 90nm, 130nm and 180nm technologies.

Key ASIC's design expertise and unique IP address critical area, integration and cost challenges for mixed-signal, RF, low-power and high-voltage technologies. Design locations in Silicon Valley (USA), Taiwan (Hsin-Chu Science Park) and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, combined with extensive manufacturing and logistics resources and a flexible engagement model, provide Key ASIC customers with a comprehensive support system for modular ASIC innovation from IP development through prototype to production.

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NIPPON SYSTEMWARE was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1966 to begin developing software and outsourcing computing activities. NSW has comprehensive design workflow for designing LSI and electronic circuit board for mobile terminals such as mobile phone, car electronics systems, and network devices, as well as platforms, from system specification, developing firmware and applications, to evaluate device and system. The design flow managed by quality management system, that provides the best quality of the products.

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Phisontech Electronics Corp.

Phisontech Electronics Taiwan(M) Corporation was established in May 2013 at Jhunan, Taiwan. Phisontech is a best ASIC Service vendor and Silicon IP provider with Huge quantity of Mass production in Phison's storage products. Phisontech has experienced R&D, CAD and service team that can help customer from design-in to Mass-production in short period for achieving Time-to-Market. Best-Quality in Mass-production and Best-Competition in Cost are what Phisontech can provide.

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Progate Group Corporation

PGC (Progate Group Corporation) was founded in 1991. Headquarter is located in Neihu Technology Park Taipei Taiwan, the home of hundreds of hi-tech companies headquarters. Being the innovative ASIC turnkey service provider in Taiwan, PGC taped-out successfully more than 1000 projects and produced several hundred million ICs in 26 years. PGC is a member of TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA) ASIC Service Partner. These ICs were shipped to hundreds of customers in Europe, USA, Japan, Israel, Russia, Korea, Singapore, China and Taiwan. The applications include 3C products, Industrial Automatic Control, Auto Electronic Products, Aerospace Technology, RF, Security, Storage, IoT, AI, MEMS, Networking, Consumers, Automotive, Factory Automation, PLC, Medical, MFP, HPC, GPS, Communication, ADAS, FPGA…etc. PGC establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many IP companies worldwide, therefore PGC has accumulated a lot of experiences in IP usage, integration and verification, also offers IP customization for customers.

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Socle Technology Corporation

Founded in 2001, Socle Technology Corporation, is well-recognized as a leading-edge provider of SoC design and implementation services as well as an architect for more complicated SoC design technology in advanced process nodes. For the best design service with the one-stop-shop convenience, Socle works closely with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the major shareholder and one of the largest foundries in the world, along with other world-class partners of IP, EDA, assembly and testing.
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Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) is a world leader in electronic design automation (EDA) software for semiconductor design. The company delivers technology-leading semiconductor design and verification platforms and IC manufacturing software products to the global electronics market, enabling the development and production of complex systems-on-chips (SoCs). Synopsys also provides intellectual property and design services to simplify the design process and accelerate time-to-market for its customers. Synopsys is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has more than 60 offices located throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Asia. 

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Ulead Technology Inc.

Ulead Technology Inc. is a leading fabless provider of silicon intellectual property (SIP) components and IC design service house for the design and manufacture of complex system-on-a-chip integrated circuits.

Global operations and local service is our strategy to provide best service to our customer. Ulead Technology has established support team in three locations. Whether you are looking for most advanced IC technology from Silicon Valley in USA, the best price/quality valued Taiwanese foundry or the most cost effective solution from China's Fab., Ulead Technology is ready to offer the best solutions to you.

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