Andes Technology provides a full set of processor-based solution to help customers tackle their demanding SoC hardware and software development projects for applications such as connectivity, IoT, multimedia, networking, sensor and storage.

Based on the patented powerful 16/32-bit AndeStar™ RISC-like architecture, we designed the configurable AndesCore™ series of embedded processor families. AndesCores range from highly performance-efficient small-footprint cores for microcontrollers and deeply-embedded applications to 1GHz+ cores running Linux, covering general-purpose N-series cores for a wide range of computing need, DSP-capable D-series cores for digital signal control, instruction-extensible E-series cores for application-specific acceleration, and secure S-series cores for best protection of the most valuable. Accompanying AndesCores is AndeShape™, which comprises rich peripherals and interconnect IP's pre-integrated and pre-verified as subsystem platforms, flexible evaluation boards, and AICE hardware debuggers. AndeShape allows customers to quickly design and prototype system architecture and hardware/software components to meet their requirements on time.

In the development tool side, we provide a comprehensive AndeSight™ IDE to help customers efficiently develop, debug, optimize and regress their software to achieve aggressive software schedule. AndeSight™ also includes a virtual SoC platform to enable rapid performance evaluation and early software development before the actual hardware is ready. AndeSoft™ further jump-starts customers by offering optimized fundamental software such as standard C libraries, comprehensive DSP libraries, commercial as well as open-source OS'es, drivers, middleware, etc. thus allowing them to focus on their applications.

AndesCores are also supported by our elite ecosystem partners from silicon IP's, development tools to RTOS and middleware. Please refer to for further information. For IoT and connected devices specific information, please refer to Knect.me.